Around The Valle, March 2021

Chairman’s Report

Happy St David’s Day to all our Welsh members! I hope you are all well.   I have nothing really to report again this month, apart from saying that, at this time, we are still not in a position to re-start our meetings, as the feedback we have is members are not ready to begin mixing also all bars have to close at 18:00 so even if we wanted to it would not be possible.  But I look forward to seeing you again as soon as we are able.

I know there are refunds outstanding for both Petanc and the Xmas lunch so if you would like your refund please contact me on 680407894 and I will arrange to meet with you.


It seems an age since I put pen to paper so to speak!!!!! so here we go for anyone who is interested.

A totally flat walk as long or as short as you want to make it and taking in a great wooden construction you will have all seen alongside the motorway running through Malaga near the airport.

The walk starts at the very end of the coast road running along Malaga’s Paseo but I think the easiest approach is to go as if you are travelling to the airport but instead of following the airport symbol you follow the port symbol (a ship) along the MA22.

Once on the MA22 you drive down towards the coast with big sports centres on your left and as you reach the end of this motorway at the coast and a roundabout, you leave the roundabout to the right and you will find plenty of free parking. I used a large surfaced area before you reach the big restaurant on your right.

The walk starts here!! look around and you will see signs for Malaga Circuit Litoral and Senda Litoral and you walk on a short stretch of tarmac between a tower crane yard on your right and a wild caravan parking area on your left.

Check out the amazing graffiti on the tower crane yard walls. (Photo’s)

At the end of the tarmac you go right on a track with a river on your left.  Keep following the track until you see a white bridge on your left which you cross.

 Continue right and you soon begin to see the amazing wooden footbridge appearing in front of you.  You soon reach the bridge and only up on the walk are the gentle undulations of the bridge to be seen.

Cross the bridge and continue on the track until you reach some access gates down to your left with signs prohibiting cycles and dogs, sorry about that.

NOW at this point if you ignored the gates and continued ahead you would come to the end of the track and a left turn would take you down towards the coast and the extreme easterly end of Torremolinos Paseo and a long walk into Torremolinos resort. DONT FORGET YOU HAVE TO WALK BACK

However back to the gates I mentioned giving access to the nature reserve.

Go through the gates and you can keep left (ahead) or go right. I recommend the left (ahead) option with a return on the other path.

Follow signs for Laguna Grande and white arrow posts through the reserve and you will reach a hide/view point on your right overlooking a small lagoon. After exploring the hide, only 100 meters from your route, continue as you were to a T junction where you turn left heading towards the coast.

You soon reach the next hide/view platform over Laguna Grande.(on left) I am not a twitcher but even I recognized storks and herons!!!!!

When you leave the hide you can continue on as you were and this takes you to the beach which you can access.

You now need to retrace your steps either from the beach (if you went) or from the hide and as you reach the earlier T junction I mentioned just continue ahead, do not turn off, and you will follow a track back the gates where you entered the reserve.  Leave the reserve, go right, and back over the wooden bridge.  After the bridge go right until you see the white bridge to your left, cross it and right again following the track back to the start.

I, (and she who must be obeyed) went on Thursday 25th February and of course schools were out so families were out with children but I don’t think it was too busy however when schools are open I would imagine if you go mid-week it will be really quiet. There are cyclists so be aware but again they posed no real problem and walkers have priority. NO CYCLISTS IN THE RESERVE AREA:

Hope this is use/interest to some of you.

Our walk, which is as described, covered 6.63 kms, took 1hr 35mins and the elevation gained was a whopping 13 metres!!!!!!