Around the Valle, October 2021

Greetings from a wet and windy Anglesey.  I have been asked to help out again this month but this will be my very last edition as I hope to be busy moving into our new home by the end of October (fingers crossed!)

Coming Up:  Oct. 4th El Valle Monthly Meeting where Martyn is hosting a Call My Bluff                                         which I’m sure will be highly entertaining.

Oct. 14th El Valle Walk:  The walk will be led by Martyn Higgins and will start outside the Indian   Palace

Oct. 21st Cream Tea at Las Piedras at 2pm

Nov. 8th:  Please note change of date as the 1st is a Bank Holiday.  Monthly meeting when you   will be entertained by Sue Harrison whose tales are always very entertaining

Nov 9th:   Petanc Tournament organised by Chris Wishart.

Nov 11th:  Monthly Walk Led by Roger & Sue Wilkes and will start outside the Pantano Restaurant on the              A356  alongside lake Vinuela.  After at the Pantano Restaurant.

All the information regarding the above events and walks, times etc.  can be found on the Calendar under the Events Heading.

I wish you all well, it has been nice to keep in touch in a small way.  Sue


The FIRST MONDAY of September, the 6th!!!!!!!

A great day when El-Valle returned to the real world.
YES it was our first monthly meeting for a considerable time due the Covid restrictions.
Usual venue, Asador, at Puente don Manuel with the usual start time  of 7pm for 7.30pm.         

As was to be expected there would be minor teething problems with a new hierarchy in place following the standing down of some very long serving members/officials.
As 7.30pm arrived and passed the evenings entertainer, Gerry Smit, offered to start playing/singing a little early to keep things moving until, at 7.55pm, Carol, our new Chairperson, officially opened the meeting with a rundown of the evenings schedule and the few events/trips already there for the booking!!!!!
Carol also thanked the outgoing Chair, Sue, now firmly residing back in the UK in Wales and also Stewart the VERY long serving Secretary/Walk Organiser and much much more. Thanks also to Elaine another long  standing committee member. They will all be missed but even tonight  Stewart was working!!! doing the minutes for the very short Extraordinary AGM which was necessary to keep things above board.
Who’s Who???? a brief run down.

Chair                      Carol Caldwell
Vice-Chair, Joint        Barbara Jenkinson and Bethune McCarroll                                                                     Treasurer                 Chris Wishart

Secretary                 Julia Hubbard

Newsletter Editor      Sue Meredith

Committee               Martyn Higgins/Susan Wilkes/Gareth.
Apologies if I have missed anyone.
There was a short break for drinks etc and then Gerry Smit returned with songs from well known performers covering the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and even though it was the first meeting for a considerable time he had members singing along.
The first CASH BOX for a while had a total of €120.00 up for grabs but none of the five keys selected opened the box, even though one of the keys was selected by yours truly. The box now rolls over to Octobers meeting.

All in all a good first meeting but one small point of concern  was the question of food!! Myself and She who must be obeyed along with another couple had decided to eat after the meeting. We were asked by Asador staff to select our food and it would prepared for 9pm as the meeting drew to a close. At 8.15pm the food arrived at our table in mid-meeting. To be fair it did not really cause any problems but could have, especially when at 9.30pm the kitchen were still serving meals to customers on the outdoor terrace. 
I understand that the Asador owners have also said that at future meetings if any member wants to eat they should order their food a few days in advance. Speaking on a purely personal level this will mean if I want to eat I will just go out to the terrace after the meeting and order then OR eat somewhere different.
Nothing our committee can do about this as it is the ruling of Asador and as such has to be accepted.
All in all a good first return meeting and also good news that committee members will once again be present at Meson Sara on a Friday morning to handle membership, trip bookings and offer information related to El-Valle.
Welcome back folks, please support the El-Valle in all their ventures.


 Minutes to the Extraordinary Annual General Meeting – September 6th 2021

 The following is a record of the Extraordinary AGM meeting held at the Asador Restaurant, Puente don Manuel on the above date. There were 33 members (including three new members on the night) in attendance and the E AGM meeting opened at 7.30pm.

 As the outgoing President had left Spain for the UK, the meeting was opened by the newly appointed Chairperson/President.

Carol Caldwell welcomed all the members back to the first club night after a long break, explaining the reason for the delay until September 2021 due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. She then added as gesture to all returning members, they were to be given a voucher for a free drink from the bar on arrival.

Carol explained that due to vacancies for the President, Club Secretary, Membership Secretary and a committee member, there was a need to have an Extraordinary AGM meeting. She then went on to introduce those new as committee members and those who were carrying on as committee members. These names are listed below.

  • Approval of accounts for the period current period was not completed as the were no meetings, trips or cash flow, so this will be completed at the next scheduled AGM in April 2022.
  • Chairperson’s report and summary of the past year.

As Carol was stepping into the Presidents position there was no past year’s summary.

  • Election of committee for the period September 2021 – March 2022

Carol read out the list of nominees. Members present were introduced to the membership. As there was only one nominee for each of the committee positions the positions were approved by a unanimous applause. Therefore, all nominees were approved by the membership and will take up their respective positions following the EAGM meeting.

  • Elected committee members:

Committee Nominations September 2021 – March 2022 

Main Committee


Proposed by

Seconded by


C. Caldwell

P. Paviour

P. Meredith

Vice Chair & Joint Vice Chair

B. Jenkinson B. McCarroll

L. Cannon

D. Laurie

Y. James

C. Taylor- Johnson


J. Hubbard

E. Edwards

P. Meredith

Membership Secretary

S. Meredith

E. Edwards

B. Caldwell


C. Wishart

M. Wishart

M. Higgins


S. Meredith

E. Edwards

B. Caldwell


G. Good

P. Meredith

A. Collins


S. Wilkes

J. Mogg

M. Jenkinson


M. Higgins

R. Higgins

C. Wishart


V. Stocker

L. Collins

A. Impey


C. Goreham



Hand over to new chairperson.

As there was no outgoing President at the meeting Carol Caldwell continued to lead the meeting.

  • Any other business:            There was no other business.

The AGM meeting concluded at 7.50pm.


We have now completed our first El Valle walk after a break of sometime due to the Covid 19 epidemic.

Information and History about the El Valle walks:   Walks are arranged every month on the second Thursday of the month and start at 11.00am, other than July and August, where we start at 7.00pm when it is usually cooler.  Details of all walks can be found in the El Valle newsletter and/or website, giving dates, times and start place for each walk.   Or by speaking to any El Valle committee member.

To date we have completed 151 El Valle walks. The El Valle walking group started in 2007 and many members have led these walks in various areas of the Axarquia region throughout this time.  

We are a mixed ability group of walkers, with the walks lasting about 2 hours and walks are not especially difficult or tough, plenty of stops are included to recuperate our energy and take on drinks/water etc.  Just a reminder – it is a walk though and not a stroll, but neither is it a yomp.  We recommend wearing suitable shoes and using walking stick(s) for those who use/need them, and of course plenty of water to drink. The walks are a social event where people can talk and meet other members of the club and some non-members (when allowed) enjoying the different walks. For those who want it, we usually arrange a get together at a local restaurant/bar for a Menu del Dia and good old chat after the walk (it’s not compulsory). 

We would like to see more people coming out and enjoying our friendly walks through our beautiful countryside area.  We also encourage walkers of the group to lead walks for the other members of the walking group. If you are a walker and have perhaps a favourite walk in your area or know of a suitable walk then come forward and share this with us all. Contact either Stewart or Martyn or a member of the committee for information and hopefully pass on your details to be added to “walk planning list”.

Report of the September’s walk:   The first walk was led by Stewart Common and Elaine Edwards on Thursday September 9th 2021. The walk started at the bottom end of Vinuela village in the large carpark.  It skirted up through the bottom of the village and out towards the lake Vinuela area, but before the very steep concrete hill which leads up to the lake (very steep), we turned right along through the valley toward Puente don Manuel following tracks and path ways. We then have to cross a road and up through the olive trees eventually coming out on the Vinuela to Puente Road and then turning back along the old “Kings Highway” through the olive trees towards Vinuela village. Once entering the village, we pass a small section at the top of the village to pick up another country track returning to lower village past the School and then down a narrow path past the Town Hall and back to the start point.

19 people completed the walk, which we were pleased with as it was the first walk for a long period. The walk took about two hours and was 5.62km in length and most of us went to the Venta la Vina Restaurant in Vinuela afterwards for a meal and of course the obligatory drink.

October’s walk:  The next walk is set for October 14th and will be led by Martyn Higgins and will start outside the Indian Palace Restaurant in Puente don Manuel, then after at the Indian.

November’s walk:  The next walk is set for November 11th and is led by Roger and Sue Wilkes and will start outside the Pantano Restaurant on the A356 alongside of the Lake Vinuela and then after at the Pantano restaurant.

December’s walk:  This walk will be led by Jeanette and Chris Mogg and will start on the side of the road by the Velez Malaga Rugby football ground and after at the Restaurant La Relea in the Velez Malaga trading estate.

January 2022 walk:   This walk will be led by Jean Sunderland and will start on the side of the road by the Asador Restaurant in Puente don Manuel. It is called the chair walk and Jean will explain why. After will be at the Asador Restaurant.

Further details can be found in the El Valle Newsletter and El Valle website.

Walkers, please put these dates in your diaries.