Around the Valley November 2020

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Chairman’s Report

Welcome to your November Newsletter, unfortunately I have an update rgegrdaing future meetings and events.  Due to the current restrictions your committee have reached the conclusion it would be advisable to cancel the November meeting next Monday 2nd November.  Also the November walk and probably the planned Petanc, although this is under review by Chris who will advise you of the situation.  We hope to be able to continue with our December meeting on November 30th and also the pre Xmas lunch, but I will keep you advised.

December Meeting 30th November 2020; Talk by British Consul followed by glass of wine and cookies.

Pre Xmas Lunch 11th December SOLD OUT

October Meeting by Alan Impey

Monday 5th October 2020 and our second El-Valle meeting since lock down in March.
Sue opened the meeting on time, at 7.30pm, and there were just short of 50 members attending.
Sue asked if the new format for the Newsletter was acceptable for everyone and it was widely acknowledged to be the format of choice.
After briefly running through forthcoming events and the walk calendar we were reminded that the December meeting had been changed to 30th November as this was the only date that our speaker, Charmaine, British Consul, could visit us to give any updates on “Brexit”.

This would also be our Christmas meeting and the usual glass of wine and mince pie would be replaced by a glass of wine and shortbread cookies courtesy of our very own Sue, sometimes referred to as Canadian Sue to distinguish her from the other Sue’s we have!!!!!!!!!!

A short break was called at 7.40pm before our guest speaker, Gordon, took centre stage for his talk on “Cruising with Gordon” as opposed to “Cruising with Jane Macdonald”

Gordon is/was a Cruise Director with Royal Caribbean International.

I say is/was because after 30 years with them he is the process of retiring although he will still act as a consultant for them during what is going to be a dramatic overhaul of the cruise industry following Corona Virus.

When Gordon first started with Royal Caribbean he was under the impression from his interview that he would be based out of Florida and he bought a new wardrobe on that assumption only to find out two weeks before taking post that he was now to be based in Alaska where his Bermuda’s/Hawaiian shirts were not going to of much use. During his 30 years with Royal Caribbean he spent 7 seasons based in Alaska.

He went on to tell us that due to the Corona virus practically all cruise ships were now moored up with only skeleton crews aboard for basic maintenance. I say practically all because Gordon told us that MSC were already doing short cruises but that stringent rules/conditions were rigorously enforced and if any passengers broke the rules they were immediately removed from the ship.

Royal Caribbean plan to start sailing again from 1/11/2020 from Singapore but once again under strict rules a couple of which are, that all shows aboard would only have a one third audience capacity and the hugely popular help yourself buffet style meals would end and you would be served by staff. (Is this an end to piling the plate with three of everything and then leaving two anyway!!!!)

Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas is currently the worlds largest cruise ship but already Wonder of the Seas, even larger, is under construction and is due for completion in spring 2021 and to go into service in 2022.

Gordon concluded his entertaining and informative presentation and we wish him well in his retirement/semi retirement.

Time for the “box” and it only took two numbers to be drawn before we had a winner!!!! our very own Martyn, who scooped the prize of €200.00

Sue closed the meeting at 8.45pm 

Menu del Dia by Sue Meredith

A lovely long time awaited Lunch attended by 47 people, at El Charco, those of you who are familiar with this Restaurant know how very good the food & service are there, and it didn’t disappoint!

The Lunch served ticked all the boxes and everyone enjoyed what food they had chosen, we have received a lot of positive feedback for both the food and service.

Most people managed to stay Covid Compliant – staying seated but wearing of Masks when necessary like going outside or using the Toilets. 

A big thank you to the El Valle committee for organising a very enjoyable Lunch .

October Walk by Alan Impey

Thursday 8th October 2020 and time for the monthly El-Valle walk.

This months walk was routed and led by Iain, (after a fashion) As we had 23 walkers turn up at the start outside Pepe Molinos in Almayate it was required that we split into two groups leaving a few minutes apart to comply as much as possible with the current Covid Rules.

Stewart took the first group off and Iain stayed with the  second group and acted as link man between the two groups. We left Almayate along the old railway line, parallel to the coast before quickly turning inland on wide tracks and then again on tracks parallel to the coast before down towards the coast, passing under the main road and then again down towards the coast. We reached the beach just after the playa nudista so there was no requirement to avert eyes in any direction either toward or away from any active participants!!!!!!!!

We were soon heading back towards Almayate and a good lunch at Pepe Molinos restaurant.

iJust a word of caution!!!!! One of the walkers was noticed to be missing partway round the walk!! It was not apparent where they had gone and although everyone walks at their own risk and no responsibility is accepted by el-valle it causes concern when the rest of the group have no idea where the missing walker

  1. PLEASE if you intend to abandon the walk then common courtesy suggests you should inform someone in the group of your intentions. 

Thanks to Iain and Stewart for their efforts.

N332 Facebook page
Citizens Advice Spain:
British Government:
El Pais in English:
Emergency Coronavirus telephone number 900 300 555
Call the number in case of symptoms and if you could possibly be infected Do not go to emergencies or
hospitals where the virus can be transmitted to patients with other issues
Please be careful, there is a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of fake news, in my opinion these are
the most likely sites to give up to date advice (possibly not El Pais) but good to know what the papers are