Electrical requirements

There appears to be a letter in circulation from the electric company Sevillana Endesa, demanding that a device known as an ICP be fitted to the incoming electrical supply to some homes that are currently using more than their “Potencia Contratada”. (Your “Potencia Contratada” is noted at the top right hand corner of your bill, for example 4.4kw (20amps).
There is a direct threat that if the device is not fitted by July this year, they will impose a penalty on subsequent bills, equivalent to a contracted tariff of 20KW. The units must be installed by an authorised electrician or by Sevillana Endesa themselves. You can either buy or rent the device from them.
The British amongst us were used to a basic supply in excess of 12kw; unfortunately as we all know, that’s not the case here in Spain; their infrastructure is stuck in the early part of the twentieth century and is not likely to improve in the immediate future. The way I read it, is, that if you do not have a main switch fitted to your distribution board (fuse box), you will need one.
This will trip (re-settable) if you exceed the maximum of your supply (Potencia Contratada).
You can of course have your “Potencia Contratada” increased at a cost. I like many of us, adapt by using appliances accordingly, in other words not too many on at the same time.
The following is a forum page dealing with this problem.