Food for thought

by Jenny Wright
My latest Vertical Reflex Therapy had several interesting articles in it that I thought I might share with you.
I am sure that many of you have suffered with cramp and it often seems to come in the middle of the night! It is often caused by lack of potassium, which affects the nervous system but my “Biochemic Handbook” always recommends taking Mag. Phos. (magnesium phosphate) to relieve it. In Reflexology, one technique that has been successful is a nail-working ‘Toe Pinch’. For self-help, hold the toe (or thumb) nail on nail, for 30 – 40 seconds. Then pinch the base of the big toe (or thumb) for a similar amount of time, reating both feet alike. If I was treating someone then I would make the movements simultaneously.
If any of you have cats and fancy trying Reflexology on them a book has recently been published, “Reflexology for Cats” by Jackie Seagers. It contains references to other natural therapies and is written by a New Zealand therapist, where laws are different to the UK as insurance does not normally include treating animals. I have, however, had sick animals come to me, almost asking for Reiki, and when they have had enough they just move away! Those of you with several cats could well find this a worthwhile
investment and I would be interested to help anyone prepared to try it. There was a reference to Antioxidants and Cancer (see International Journal of Cancer 2008; 122: 1679-
83) stating that research that came from the Quebec Research Centre in 2005 stating that, patients taking either Vitamin A or E would have a recurrence of Cancer, has now been rescinded. Much research has recommended taking antioxidants to help improve many ailments but the press, in general, only seem to print the adverse research. So what is an antioxidant? Well, first of all we are all aware that without oxygen our body cannot release energy from the food it takes in but because oxygen is chemically reactive it is easily oxidised – just as iron rusts! Now there is an amusing thought! Therefore our bodies need a variety of foods that contain various elements to prevent oxidisation in order to prevent illness and each organ within the body requires different ones in order to function. The most well-known of these are vitamins A, B17, C and E plus selenium and zinc. If any of you have no sense of smell or taste your body almost certainly is deficient in zinc. Fresh grape seeds, apricot kernels, almonds, to name but a
few, are a valuable source of vitamin B17 and it should be remembered that raw food in general will contain more goodness!
Another author that I would recommend is Phillip Day, whose books are published by Credence Publications. Phillip uses research from many doctors and specialists that have been unable to publish their research elsewhere, for one reason or another, and is an extremely interesting speaker. His book “Cancer – Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth” is an easy read and deals with all manner of things including pesticides, harmful personal care ingredients and food additives. This takes me onto the last item in my newsletter that I will mention this month, namely Aspartame. Sainsbury’s, the supermarket chain, have now banned soft drinks containing this sweetener but it is, unfortunately, in many other products. Anything labelled ‘sugar-free’ will normally contain Aspartame. Unfortunately much research about it has been suppressed even though the World Health Organisation was writing about it many years ago. In September 2005, the Ecologist wrote, “…. in a complex chemical process, sucrose is processed with, among other things, phosgene…” Phosgene was used during the First World War in chemical warfare! It can cause Multiple Sclerosis type side effects and Lupus. In heat, it can turn to wood alcohol, highly dangerous one would think, particularly if you leave these drinks in a hot car. So go on your Internets and read up on it. Although I would love to be out in my garden, I am delighted to see the rain again and pleased to see the lake beginning to fill up. When we returned from Germany on Christmas Eve, the first things that I appreciated were the stars and all the twinkling lights of the surrounding villages. It is surprising how such simple things in life can bring such joy.
So in this unstable financial climate go out and enjoy a Happy New Year with the simple things in life – they are all around us in this beautiful country!