New FHT Axarquia Support Group

I am looking forward to the first meeting of a new Support Group for Therapists and anyone interested in complementary health with the first meeting planned for Wednesday March 25th at the Camping Bar, Vinuela, at 11am. The group will be known as Axarquia Support Group.
In England many support groups have formed over the past two or three years under the umbrella of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, or FHT ( one of the largest organizations for Therapists. In recent years, much has been done to raise the professional level of Therapists, with the expectation that they will continue their professional development through reading, attending courses, doing case studies, etcetera, and the Support Groups were formed with this in mind. The opportunity to exchange ideas, review books, talk about problems or surprising improvements, attend short courses- these are things that are not always easy if you are working in isolation. Therapist Mo Reeves, also a member of the El Valle Group, is assisting with the formation of the group Although I am semi-retired that does not mean that I want to vegetate! FHT are quite excited at the idea of their first foreign Support Group and have been supportive in giving advice and help as needed. It will be open to practitioners, students, and people who have an interest in complementary health, sports and beauty therapies or in fitness and well being, so this is an opportunity for the public to ‘look over’ some
of the local therapists and learn from their skills.
I hope it will give the local Therapists a higher profile and both Mo and I are keen to enthuse others. The first meeting will be a general exchange of information with some ‘hands on’ work depending on those present so if you feel that you would enjoy some pampering for a change, or can share some of your experience with us, we look forward to hearing from you. Future ideas for meetings are Vertical Reflex Therapy, Indian Head Massage, and Massage for Pain, to be held in June, September and November. Much will depend on those attending but obviously we are keen to do all we can to make it a success. This will be an opportunity for Therapists to offer short courses, if they feel they have something to offer. N o charge for attendance at this first meeting and you do not have to be a member of a professional association to attend,
but finance will be discussed in view of the need to find funding for some future speakers.
Naturally, I hope that some of those present may become interested enough to join FHT at some point in the future, but there will be no pressure. My insurance is done through the association and the magazines have interesting articles. If you are interested in maintaining or improving your health, having some fun and
friendship thrown in, come and join us on March 25th.
If you would like to know more, or wish to attend, please telephone or email:
Mo Reeves 663 564 699
Jenny Wright 680 500 073 or 951 321 613