Passports – Lost and Stolen

As guests start arriving during the summer months, I think it’s worth relating how to obtain an emergency travel document (referred to as ETD) after losing or having a passport stolen. A guest of mine recently had that very time consuming and costly experience after having her handbag stolen.
First stop, the Policia Nacional station in Torre del Mar (or other town of occurrence) in order to get a crime report. If they don’t have a good knowledge of the Spanish language they will be directed to phone “Denuncia via Telefono” 902.102.112. They have English speaking personnel who take down all details for the report, in turn they then send the report (in Spanish) via the internet to the Police Station while you are there.
Once received, phone the British Consulate in Málaga 952.109.356; they will advise them to purchase a passport photo, the nearest in Torre del Mar that provide the correct colour
background is Foto Calahonda opposite Super Sol, cost 6€uros. They will then need to attend the Consulate, their opening hours are 8am – 1.30pm, their
address, which is opposite Málaga bus station is:-
29006 MÁLAGA
They will be asked to complete a form for an Application for a United Kingdom Emergency Travel Document (available online under URGENT TRAVEL); they only sign the document at
the consulate in sight of the consulate official. They will also need a form of identification and proof of travel details (there is a computer for public use at the consulate). The process takes 2 hours once they have completed all the required documentation, the cost, wait for it, 113€uros.