Lake Viñuela Photographic Club

The photography group was formed in 2008 by a nucleus of ten members of the El Valle Asociación. Interest from amateur photographers outside of the asociación prompted the group to become an independent organisation in February 2012, as such, it is now known as the Lake Viñuela Photographic Club.

The membership has differing skill levels, from novice to the more proficient. All are welcome as everyone has one thing in common, a passion for photography and a desire to improve their technique in the company of others. Whether you have a basic digital compact or top of the range DSLR is irrelevant, it’s all about taking better photographs.

We meet at 10:30am on the first Thursday of the month currently at La Hera Restaurant, Puente Don Manuel; As this venue can change at any time, anyone considering attending a meeting for the first time should contact Doug Poplett (the club’s leader) beforehand.  He can be contacted by email at

Meetings consist of the business of the day which is normally very brief and the critiquing of photographs taken during our monthly challenges. We also supplement meetings with the occasional field trip to places of local interest.