Spanish Insurance cover

The following is taken from the talk given by Mike Stevenson to the monthly meeting on 6th November. These are notes taken by the Editor and I apologise if there are any errors – if in doubt speak to Mike Stevenson (his details are at the end of the article).
Mike works for New Costa Investment and Development Group who are based at Torrox.
· NCIDG deal solely with Liberty Seguros
· In Spain, kitchens are regarded as part of the contents of the property and not part of the building insurance
· Wind damage – not covered unless the wind exceeds a stated limit (normally 96 kph)
· Damage caused by heavy rain not covered unless rain exceeds a stated limit (normally 40 litres/hour).
· If you have basic cover you may not be covered for theft from your home
· Mugging – is covered by Liberty Seguros, cash only covered to a €300 limit
· Swimming pools – European law places an absolute responsibility on owners of pools to ensure that they are safe for anyone to use them at any time. Spain adopts this law at the end of the year. This will put the onus on the owner who may be liable if the pool is not fenced or fitted with a pool alarm.
· Valuables – Generally there us a limit of €2000 per item and €300 cash from within the house
· Accidental damage is normally an extra premium
· All risk policy are available through Liberty Seguros and these are not normally covered by Spanish insurance
· Dogs – dogs classified as “dangerous” can be covered at an additional cost
Questions were then taken from the floor:
Q. – Earthquakes, landslips & subsidence – are they covered?
A. – Yes, if the earthquake is recognised by “the powers that be”. Mike was unsure about landslips and subsidence but suggested that they would be dealt with on an individual basis.
Q. – What was the interpretation of theft? Her insurers had not paid the member because she was not assaulted during the theft of her handbag.
A. – Liberty Seguros would cover that situation.
Q. – One member lives in a small “community”. The community pool is not gated and there is nothing to stop children getting into the pool. If an accident occurred the “community” could be sued which was okay if they were insured but if not, the individual members could be sued.
A. – There is separate cover available for communities.
Q. – If your house is broken into via an insecure door is it different to a forced entry?
17/02/2010 Spanish Insurance Cover…/spanish_insurance.htm 1/2A. – With Liberty Seguros there is no difference
Q. – A member has experienced problems with a claim for damage caused by a power surge that was the “fault” of Sevilliana. Have you had any dealings with utilities?
A. – Not as yet.
Derek thanked Mike for his talk. Later Mike handed out contact details for his company. Briefly these were:
Mike has since contacted me and has asked me to pass on the following message:
“Thank you all for your attention to my talk on insurance matters. Several of you raised issues to which I said I would respond via the newsletter. On reflection, I would prefer to speak to the individuals again regarding their query to ensure full understanding and would invite them to ring me to discuss.”
Pension enquiries Steve Greenway tel. 952532120 email
Legal enquiries Robert Miles tel. 952532120 email
General enquiries Michael Stevenson tel. 952532120
Mob. 691648391