Spider Bites

For the benefit of new members and a reminder to others, I am reprinting this magazine article. These spiders are in the Spanish undergrowth; they do bite but are mainly harmless except for the funnel web spider. Funnel web spiders (Hexathelidae) I can find little data stating in which province they are to be found but I am told they are not of the very venomous type indigenous to Sydney, Australia.
Tarantulas are very common in the western portion of Toledo province but fortunately the venom is weak and supposedly has little effect on humans.
Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus Tredecimguttatus) is the most widely distributed species in Europe and is the most dangerous spider in Spain giving a nasty bite but not fatal. Whilst they are rare, it is said to be commonest in the arid parts of Almeria and Aragon and also in the Valencia and Andalucian regions.
Brown Recluse Spiders (Loxosceles Reclusa) are found in parts of Spain but are less virulent than in other parts of the world and is not lethal. Bites from this spider cause a tender blister to develop, characteristically with a “bull’s eye” appearance (a red centre). At the time a person is bitten, it is often hardly noticeable and it can be several hours before the venom takes effect.
Then, it is very painful.
IF YOU ARE BITTEN: Always try to kill the spider and keep the body. This helps the doctor to identify which spider anti venom is needed for treatment. Do not ignore bites; always get medical attention as early as possible.