Summer delights

Since Bob has returned from England we have had one or two trips out and I have been amazed at the numbers and size of the wild flowers. I know that our drive looked quite spectacular for a few weeks with succulents and now we have hollyhocks and oleanders coming into flower but despite the heat and the lack of moisture I have quite a lot of wild flowers, including poppies and annual chrysanthemums still growing. It is obvious that I will have to try and water quite a bit this year as trees and shrubs are already covered in yellow leaves and I think this is partly from the wind. I also have a problem with our olive trees (like cuckoo spit that leaves a red stain on the hand) so if anyone can recommend a natural insecticide, I’d be pleased to hear from them And can anyone recommend a book of Wild Flowers for Axarquia as so many of them are absent from the four or five books I possess and I would love to be able to identify more when I am out and about. I enjoy seeing birds but I love the flowers more!
During May the FHT Therapists Group met at the home of Dieter and Christiane Baumgartner in Venta Baja and were treated to a meditation whilst indulging in a detox foot bath. Both these talented people enjoy Yoga and Christiane teaches at Puente Don Manuel on Tuesday and Friday. They are also aiming to get a meditation group going on a Friday, I believe. Like many of us they are surrounded by olive trees which cause people quite a headache at this time of year – or maybe just hay fever! Like most of the fruit trees this year, there is an abundance of flowers and we have oranges set on some of our trees for the first time despite the strong winds. For any sufferers of hay fever
there are many therapies that can help but it is also advisable to stay inside if possible when the wind is strong, as my brother discovered when he was helping us with some outdoor tiling. This month the wild grapes smell beautiful, as does our honeysuckle and jasmine and the local farmers seem to be working overtime to keep on top of their jobs. Short bursts of rain cause the grapes to shoot, just when it is not needed, and the growth then needs removing in order that it retains quality fruit. And for those of you that feel there are very few bees about, try planting Rosemary or Grevillea – all our bushes are humming from daybreak ‘til dusk.
On June 24th, I will be showing a DVD of Vertical Reflex Therapy at the Camping Bar at 7.30pm and all are welcome. This is a method of Reflexology that is worked on the top of the hands or feet as mentioned before and often has amazing results. If you have a problem on your hand then work the equivalent reflex on the foot and visa versa, as I was explaining to one of our members at the May meeting.
Lastly, don’t forget to cut some fresh Aloe Vera when you get those awful insect bites. I’m not sure if they are fruit flies or mosquitoes that are in abundance at present but they leave a nasty swollen lump! I also have ammonia and vinegar in the cupboard to use when I don’t know what stung me. If one doesn’t work then the other one will! And then I soothe it with Aloe Vera. If you wrap the leaf in cling film it will keep in the fridge until all the gel is used. Similarly, citronella, lavender or neem oil will help keep the insects away in the first instance.