The Quaddies

The Quadding Group consists of a number of quad bike owners who enjoy a bit of off-roading. There is no formal membership requirement – we simply meet up at Mis Tapitas, Puente don Manuel, on Wednesdays and Sundays, at Noon (weather permitting). We normally have a coffee in the bar where we plan that day’s route. The Wednesday route usually takes in a restaurant for menu del dia. The social aspect of the group is important to us – we enjoy each other’s company, even meeting up for a Christmas meal! Occasionally we will plan a trip in advance and may change the meeting point and time so it’s always best to call and confirm the details if you do intend to join us.

Our vehicles range from 200cc to 800cc road legal quads with the majority being 500cc. We are also sometimes joined by a trail bike rider. Anyone is welcome to join the group- just come along or ring 622 303 766. If you would like to try quadding before buying, there are often spare seats available (at your own risk). Please ring beforehand.


The following quad report extracts provide some insight into the trips we make and factors that influence where we choose to go.


July/August quad report by Jackie and Roger Frewin

Phew! It’s been a hot summer. Most of the group have been away, escaping the heat, and others have suffered from quad problems so generally there have been very few of us attending the trips recently.

At the beginning of July our routes were still decked with some brightly coloured flowers, primarily the rich pink Oleander, nourished in the river beds that now appeared to be dry but nevertheless must have remained wet underground. On occasions when the participants have had fewer commitments the duration of our trips has stretched considerably longer than the norm.

Quad001 Quad002





One such trip saw just three quads leave Trapiche, and climb the steep concrete track from there up onto the ridge with views of La Maroma and the Sierra de Tejeda, Embalse de La Vinuela and the sea. Spectacular! The fragrances along the route were many and varied but I couldn’t identify them all. The combination of jasmine, citrus and fig trees was truly wonderful. Our excursion took us along familiar tracks, some of them particularly rugged, to Canillas de Albaida where we enjoyed a delightful menu del dia at a very reasonable price.


After a leisurely lunch stop we proceeded to Salares, along well-maintained trails and partook in more refreshments before embarking on our return journey. This took us along the roadway back towards Canillas de Albaida then, for a short stretch, along the same tracks as earlier but we branched off above Daimalos to follow a less arduous track that led us back towards home. The total trip time, including lunch, was five and a half hours but was greatly enjoyed by us all.

When we next ventured out the temperatures had started to soar. Both the quad bikes and their riders suffered in the extreme heat so we had to abandon any further trips until the weather cooled down a bit. Even then there were still a large number away so very few were able to join us.

October quad report by Jackie and Roger Frewin

With autumn creeping up we encountered some pleasant changes this month. After the rain in late September much of the drab, arid landscape had started to turn green, the murky haze that had restricted views over the preceding 3 months had started to clear, revealing those wonderful vivid views of the lake, sea and mountains and the wonderful aromas of wild herbs filled the air as we traversed campo tracks, making the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

Most of our trips this month were familiar ones, visiting Arenas, taking muddy excursions through the river bed, etc but the most notable trip of the month (possibly the all-time best) was one we’ll definitely remember for a long time to come. A delightfully warm day and a special trip, organised and pre-planned by Angelika and Klaus, attracted 7 quads and the buggy to meet up at Billy’s bar an hour earlier than usual. The trip began through familiar territory, Venta Baja and Venta Alta then up onto the main road to drive through the Zafarraya pass and left towards Zafarraya village. From there we followed rugged mountain tracks overlooking the Polje de Zafarraya, the large flat agricultural basin surrounded on all sides by a breathtaking rocky landscape.

Quad004 Quad005





But this awe-inspiring experience was just one of many pleasures that awaited us that day. As we continued on, in a northerly direction, the greenery was gradually replaced by more and more stunning rock.

Quad006 Quad009





Then, as we climbed higher and higher into the Sierra de Loja we eventually spotted the wind turbines that announced that we were nearing our destination. Our first glimpse of Loja was a little disappointing because it was rather hazy there but the mountain landscape continued to thrill and the experience of being above the clouds was exhilarating.

Quad007 Quad008





Then we started our descent, eventually passing through a small pine forest and crossed under the motorway to arrive at Loja where we enjoyed a very filling and scrumptious lunch. The route back was faster and smoother, the perfect end to an exhausting but truly awesome day.